Saturday, September 22, 2007


I hope you all had a nice rest and got your playoff tickets this morning. It's time for another exciting day.
MIL @ ATL 12:05pm (no TV/radio in chicago)
PIT @ CUBS 1:20pm (WGN TV/Radio)
Let's see the number drop to 4 today! And then we can relax and watch da Bears.

The Chicago Cubs are almost there. Clinching could happen as early as Wednesday! Where are you going to be?

We're on the way down the final stretch!

Giddy Up, Cubs fans! WOO WOO!


SeƱor Salmueras said...

I love the Cardinals elimination number. I also love that there soon won't be any more talk about wetting one's pants on behalf of Mee Lee Waukay, no matter how dark those pants might be.

Anonymous said...

15 more minutes andwe can move it down to four. yea baby!

And we are getting hot a the right time.

How The Number Works

The Chicago Cubs Magic Number is derived by the following equation: Total Number of Games + 1 - Wins by the Cubs - Losses by Best Opponent.

The Magic Number is affected by one of two events, a Cubs win or the best opponent losing. The number is 163 at the beginning of the season. When the number hits 0, the Cubs have clinched the NL Central and are in the PLAYOFFS!

This site represents the Magic Number for clinching the National League Central Division . If the Wild Card becomes relevant for getting into the post season, this site may contain both. In that case, the Wild Card number will clearly be denote.

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This is the year

This is the year
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