Friday, September 19, 2008


Magic Number is

I could comment on today's game in Wrigley, but I won't. I will say that Dusty Baker has helped the Cubs almost asure a clinch tomorrow for a playoff spot with his Reds today. In Dusty We Trusty! Well... When he's not the Cubs manager at least.

So, tomorrow brings two games that make the number go down that start at the same time. The Cubs take on the Cardinals @ 2:55pm at Wrigley AND the Brewers take on the Reds @ 2:55pm at the Great American Ballpark. Well, the likelihood of a clinch is high. It could happen even when the Cubs game is still going on! I'm working my angles to make sure I make it into Wrigley!

GO CUBS! and remember, doesn't stop at 0. When the playoffs start, we reset to 11, which represents the wins needed for winning the World Series. We'll be counting down to 0 once again and end 100 years of patience! GO CUBS!

This magic number is dedicated to all the Cubs fans who have passed but we know would have wanted to be here with us to celebrate the Cubs.

I dedicate this number to Edward Jay Bennett's memory (his brick). He was a huge Cubs fan that arranged World Series tickets for me in 2003, which of course weren't played. He left us way too early just shy of 28. He would have wanted to be no where else than Wrigley when the Cubs clinch and won it all. I miss you big bud and would have loved you meet my son, Edward, "Teddy".

Add to the comments your story of a Cubby fan you've lost.


GA Hill said...

I've gotta say, you're on top of this stuff. Well done!

ninly said...

Go Cubbies!!!

Redmosquito said...

After the first inning today, I was thinking... this ain't bad. If we lose today and the CREW of BREW lose tonight, we can WATCH the CELEBRATION on NATIONAL TV tomorrow. So, things worked out great in the end. That is.. if LILLY puts the hammer down tomorrow.

Meghan Burke said...

This blog is beautiful. Thank you for doing it. I just found it today and I think it's already going to be a bookmark.

David Beaty said...

How bout a magic number to clinch homefield advantage? Thanks for all your work. Go Cubbies. I haven't been this excited about the cubs chances since Rick Sutcliffe and Big Lee Smith.

MattyBoFatty said...

Great Blog...been checking it daily . Hope my boss doesn't check my internet usage at work...

Peter N. said...

I would like to remember my grandma Jenkins. She passed when I was a little guy, but I fondly remember going to Cubs games with her as well as watching them on t.v. Her one request when she died was to have Cubs on the bottom of her graveston. Thank you

SmashBoy said...

Great blog, don't even remember how I came across it a couple days ago, but it's pretty neat. I haven't lived in Chicago in a great number of years, but my grandfather always loved the Cubs. Fortunately, he is still around and we're keeping up with this season together. One thing he said to me all these years he repeated the other day: "I always hoped to see the Cubs win it all before checking out." He's 80 now and hopefully has a lot of time left, but I would really love to see this come true for him.

Go Cubs!

Leigh said...

May I add my father who we lost in 2002? He had no sons thus as oldest daughter I am the first born male child. I think I was 12 before I knew there were two teams in town. At 50 I'm the only woman I know who can keep a score card (and I do). We scattered some of his ashes just inside the left field foul pole. I can personally vouch for at least one angel in the outfield. We plan an additional power boost if at all possible. If you see an odd apparition in that area, now you know why.

Anonymous said...

To my great-aunt, who was a devoted Cubs fan, and a great and crazy woman. I still remember the time we were at Spring Training, and everyone was lined up in the aisle slowly moving up to try to get Harry Caray's autograph. She (80 years old or so at this point) just starts clambering up over all the rows of seats to get right up to him and starts chatting away. :-)

And to her husband, my great-uncle, who passed on a few months after her, in his sleep in his favourite chair, in front of a Cubs game.

I miss you guys, and I wish you were here to see this season.

BadRonnie said...

My grandma was a huge Cubs fan... die-hard! She came to live with my wife and me a few years ago. We were blessed to have her with us, because just a few months after she moved in with us, we found out she had cancer. Shortly thereafter, she succumbed to the cancer. We miss her greatly, and although she never got to see a Cubbies World Championship in her 77+ years on Earth, we know she's up there rooting them on with all the other Cubs fans and players of the past. Also, 4 days after she passed, my wife and I found out that she blessed us with a brand new Cubs fan to call our own... Nikko. His picture is under the "4" entry if you want to check him out. We know he will carry on her love and passion for those Cubbies. We love and miss you, BY!

Delia said...

Good words.

How The Number Works

The Chicago Cubs Magic Number is derived by the following equation: Total Number of Games + 1 - Wins by the Cubs - Losses by Best Opponent.

The Magic Number is affected by one of two events, a Cubs win or the best opponent losing. The number is 163 at the beginning of the season. When the number hits 0, the Cubs have clinched the NL Central and are in the PLAYOFFS!

This site represents the Magic Number for clinching the National League Central Division . If the Wild Card becomes relevant for getting into the post season, this site may contain both. In that case, the Wild Card number will clearly be denote.

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