Thursday, September 11, 2008



Marmol had a fantastic hold in the 8th.  Skerry Wood almost blew the 9th.   And the Brewers lost earlier in the day.  2 of 3 over the Cardinals on the road, we will take that any time.  

Well, Cubs have a hurricane break at least until Sunday.  Hopefully the rest will do them good, but I have a feeling you'll be able to see a bunch of Cubbies at Gibson's tomorrow night.  

I'm actually upset that alternative locations for the games weren't found.  I heard that the Cubs had suggested this, but for Houston, they need the ticket revenues and the home field advantage for their crap shoot wild card run.  Perhaps a double header will help us on the smoking red hot 'stros.  We'll see...

Mark from Lindenhurst recently got an Ivy tatoo. He hopes to top it off this year with a "2008 World Champions" banner. We hope so too, Mark! Go Cubs!  Oh, and the numbers are not the distance but significant numbers for Mark.  He knows there's no 530 mark...

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bhawks61 said...

Better luck next year St.Louis. It was enjoyable seeing the Cubs celebrate another victory in front of our fans in your stadium.

bhawks61 said...

Next thing we need to do is clinch the title in Wrigley against St.Louis so they can watch us celebrate.

Anonymous said...

11 to go! How sweet it is. That tat is sweet. Wonder where he got it at? Don't know of any decent tat shops in Lindenhurst.

fatty1569 said...

Got the tattoo in Naples, Florida while on vacation at a place called Body Branding Tattoo Emporium. The owner, Jimbo, did a PHENOMINAL job.

Took 4 hours, and hurt like HELL on the inside of my arm, but not nearly as painful as a Cubs loss.


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