Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, if you can't beat them, join them.

I would like to thank the Reds for helping us out with their extra inning win over the Brewers.  I do hope that the Cubs find their winning ways again.  I hope we see the Cubs bats come to life tomorrow.  


Lindberg said...

ARGH! At least Lou went bonkers...I like that! F Albert Pujols, did that one he hit land yet? This is making me crazy.

bhawks61 said...

Dusty baker might be gone but his legacy still pollutes the clubhouse. Now his teachings have been passed on to his disciple Derrek Lee.

I don't want to hear everything is ok, that the media and fans are making a big deal,and that this slump is overblown.

I want accountability, desire, and a sense of urgency.


BTW Lee, not hitting into anymore double plays would be nice too.

redmosquito said...

I'm watching the CREW of BREW tie the game on MLB Gamecast. The Reds had a 3-1 lead off C.C. and the SUNSHINE BAND. Here I am watching BREWER games because I'm not as confident is US winning tonight!! We have to get hot, and hot RIGHT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone be confident in us right now? I am running playoff scenarios at work wondering if we can get in by going 4-14 down the stretch (which would be 5-22 overall to end the season)

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