Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Good Morning Everyone!

Well, I go to sleep early on an idle night for the Cubs, thinking that the Brewers were up on the Reds and therefore going to win.  I love waking up and finding out that the Brewers lost.  It's like Christmas in September.  Enough with this sappy junk and on to business.

The Cubs are now at 15.  This is incredible.  We play the Cardinals in St. Louis tonight, so stay tuned for more news.  Hopefully we can shrug off the recent losses with some strong wins against the Cards.


Lindberg said...

I googled "Cubs Magic Number to Clinch playoff" spot to see if someone had figured out the "Wild Card" number, (so I wouldn't have to) and it looks like you did.

Go Go Go!

redmosquito said...

Tonight's loss was disgraceful. We keep leaving TONS of runners on base and keep leaving the door open for those teams chasing us. I'm HOPING and PRAYING that this streak is happening NOW, so it won't come anywhere close to happening in the POST SEASON. That is... if we make it.

How The Number Works

The Chicago Cubs Magic Number is derived by the following equation: Total Number of Games + 1 - Wins by the Cubs - Losses by Best Opponent.

The Magic Number is affected by one of two events, a Cubs win or the best opponent losing. The number is 163 at the beginning of the season. When the number hits 0, the Cubs have clinched the NL Central and are in the PLAYOFFS!

This site represents the Magic Number for clinching the National League Central Division . If the Wild Card becomes relevant for getting into the post season, this site may contain both. In that case, the Wild Card number will clearly be denote.

Shoot an email to pickles@cubsmagicnumber.com with comments and suggestions. Also, drop a Cubs theme'd photo with a story. It may be posted during future number updates.

This is the year

This is the year
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