Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Thursday evening update- All eyes on Atlanta. Go Braves! Beat those Brewers.

Dumbest website of the day, thanks to Steve (from comments). They refer to Cubs fans as whiners... Thankfully they will likely not have to worry about wet pants.
CUBS WIN, CUBS WIN! Brewers lose! Cubs are back to up one game! We're not in the drivers seat yet... But being up by 1, is good! We'll hopefully be watching the Brewers lose tomorrow on the Cubs day off. GO CUBS!
Is it going to happen?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you check out the Brewers Fans web site, its Peeinyourpantsforthebrewers (no joke) they have been bad mouthing the Cubs for weeks, especially the last week or so. Like to see more Cub fan "invade" their site and leave witty but not necessary rude comments, after all we are Cub Fans. Pass the web site on to you Cub Fan Friends. Steve

Anonymous said... is the URL. It's disgusting. BARF