Thursday, September 18, 2008



Listening to this one on the radio (while the TV was on mute) was great! If it's possible to die of happiness, I would imagine you would sound like Ron did during Soto's HR right before you expire.

WOW, what a game. There have been so many dramatic come backs this year, but this is probably my second favorite behind the infamous 8-run comeback vs. the Rockies on May 30. There's the opening day come back keyed by Fukudome's HR (remember when he could hit?), but we ultimately lost that game, so today beats that out.

So, the magic # is down to 2 and the Cubs can clinch as early as tomorrow night after they play a day game vs. the Cardinals. Personally, I like the prospect of the Cubs clinching on Saturday while they are still playing their game (it could happen if the Brewers lose before the Cubs win; both first pitches for the Cubs & Brewers on Sat. are at 2:55). Imagine that scenario...41,000 fans score board watching while the game in front of them at Wrigley is in the 8th and the Brewers game becomes a final? I wonder what the protocol on the field will be? Will the Cubs acknowledge that mid-game? I can't imagine a better opponent to clinch against than the Cardinals and LaRusa.....good stuff. Well, it would be interesting to see, but I won't be disappointed if the Cubs just clinch on Fri. night with a Brewers loss after the Cubs have already won in the afternoon.

Today's game:

  • Nice to see Harden bounce back and have a quality game after a very bad 1st inning.
  • Too bad Samardzija got tagged for 4 unearned runs after a rare error at 2nd by DeRosa.
  • Ramirez remains on fire going 2-4 with a 2B, 1 RBI and a BB(nice to see somebody besides Fielder in the zone).
  • Edmonds continues to do well crushing an opposite field HR and an RBI single in the 9th with 2 outs (although it was odd seeing the veteran arguing balls and strikes in the 11th and getting ejected mid at bat. Kind of a rookie mistake if you ask me).
  • And of course, Soto continuing his Rookie of the Year season with a CLUTCH, MONSTER smash with 2 outs in the 9th with the wind blowing in.
  • The camera panned the park right before the rally in the 9th to show that easily half of the fans had already left. Fools....
So, get ready Cubs fans, it could happen as early as tomorrow night, giving new meaning to the phrase TGIF! If not, maybe Saturday and hopefully by Sunday. Always nice to celebrate at the friendly confines (oh yah, I'm also going to the game on Saturday). And then it's cruise control for the rest of the season.

Quick side note about the rest of the NL playoff race: I talked to my buddy Nelson who lives in Philly yesterday who is a Philly fan, when it occurred to me that the remaining Cubs schedule really screws the Phillies who are fighting for a playoff spot via either the NL East crown or the Wild Card Spot. The Cubs, who presumably will be on cruise control and resting many of their regulars with the best record in the NL virtually locked up (and home field through the NLCS as a result) still have to play the Brewers three times in Miller Park and the Mets four times in Shea...which happens to be the two teams the Phillies need to beat out for the playoffs. Too bad for the Phillies the Cubs won't be any help...which is fine by me, because of those three teams, the Phillies are the one I would least like to see in the playoffs.


Mister Pickles said...

I was at the train bar in Ogilvie for the dlee single. There was about 100 commuters crowding the 20' tv.
That windmill swinging strike brought out a lot of "Come on!" frustration.

I've never heard yelling a cheering after the win before in the train station! What a win!

From the big blue train, just passed addison!


Anonymous said...

On the Edmons arguing note: I can see where you are coming from but at the same time, what crap calls, those 2 strikes were way out of the zone and I know he argued twice, but still, the ump knows its extra innings in a big game, let him complain and just ignore it. Nice to see Lou hop up there and defend his guys tho...

Me said...

CUBBIES! Was taking a test during most of the game and MISSED the Soto home run. Saw a replay of it though and MAN, has to be 2nd best comeback. The Rockie's game was #1, I agree completely. HOWEVER, this one was a little more magical I think. It is nice to have the Cubs doing SO well since I am stuck in Macomb, IL and have to deal with dumb Cardinals fans all the time. Go Cubs Go! Lets wrap this up and head into the NLDS with a full head of steam.

Side note as well: I as well do not want to face the Phillies, but in all honestly, there isn't one team in the NL that scares me. Our pitching is just too damn deep and good.

Anonymous said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS... WOW!! And OH MY GOD!! And, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS TEAM!!!! I'm so proud of this team and so proud of the LEADERSHIP a MAJOR LEAGUE manager brings to the table. This team doesn't lack confidence, that's for sure. Let's win tomorrow, have the CREW win tomorrow night, so we can WATCH THE PARTY on Saturday!! GO CUBS GO!!

Pastor Jeff Lawson said...

Sad to admit, but I left at the beginning of the 9th inning. What a loser I am :(

Me said...

BOO this man: Pastor Jeff Lawson
Haha Just Kidding