Sunday, September 14, 2008


Quick update: Watch and listen to the bottom of the 9th here

What can you say about the game tonight? I will try to a few simple things:

1. It dawned on me as I watched with my wife that in ALL the baseball games I've watched or listened to in my life, in person or not, I have NEVER seen a no-no. It then dawned on me that it's because I'm a Cubs fan and the Cubs haven't tossed a no hitter since Milt Pappas threw one 36 years ago vs. SD. Of course, that was six years before I was born.

2. The age of modern communication enabled me to make sure that all my close Cubs-fan-friends (and a few non-Cubs-fans-friends, but true baseball fans that would always appreciate a no-no) knew what was going on via text messages from my cell by the 8th inning. Of course, I still had to actually call my Dad because he doesn't have a cell. (He also doesn't have cable, but thankfully tonight's game was on WGN so he could still watch it). What did people do before cell phones to alert others to put a potential no-no on TV? I can only wonder...

3. If your friend tells you the night before that you should both go to the hastily scheduled Cubs game in Milwaukee the following should listen and go! So to Mister Pickles: I apologize now and forever, in writing, on YOUR blog, for not heeding your call last night and driving up to Milwaukee tonight. What a score card that would have been to have....

4. A rookie catcher called a no-hitter. I haven't done any research on this, but I'm going to say it hasn't happened very often. I will go out on a limb and say that a catcher should get about 33% of the credit for a no-hitter (and for any pitcher's performance, good or bad). So, mad props to Geo.

5. This will make for an interesting trivia question in years to come: On September 14, 2008 Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs no hit the Astros. Where was the game played?

Now as for the actual game, I knew it was going to be a good night when Milwaukee had already dropped their 1st game in a DH vs. Philly and Soriano led of the game with a BOMB HR. (Did you see that Cub fan drop the ball off the upper deck and then jump up and down?? Yes, random Cub fan who had the perfect play on the ball with no one around, you should have caught that!)

Then there was Z hitting 98-99mph on the radar gun. Rumor has it that the radar gun was malfunctioning, but who cares. Z believed it (he mentioned it in his post game interview) and it gave him enough confidence to let loose on the mound. Plus Z only had 1 BB and 1HBP to go along with 10ks. Not only was he dominant, but he made hitters look silly. If you didn't watch the whole game, I hope you saw the montage of 3rd strike calls after the game and saw how filthy he was. It was like watching Marmol when he's locked in, except it was over 9 innings.

Finally, the ultimate icing on the cake...ESPN cut away from the White Sox - Tigers game at US Crappier Field to show the bottom of the 9th in Milwaukee. I'm sure there were more than a few Sox fans out there outraged to have their coverage taken away...and for a Cubs game! Any outraged Sox fans in my book = a good night.

The magic # is 7 and the Cubs have a 7.5 game lead over the faltering Brewers with only 15 games left. So again, per my earlier post, the Cubs WILL make the playoffs. And they will do so with already having had their losing streak and bad play out of the way, and hopefully while being able to coast the last week of the season (presuming they can still count on best record in the NL to ensure home field through the NLCs. According to the standings looks good).

Enjoy this September Cubs fans, because the real season starts in October. This no hitter is just some real nice icing on the cake that I'm elated to have. I hope you are as well.


Asher said...

Absolutely elated! Although I was alive during the last no hitter, (actually the previous three no-hitters), I was too young to appreciate them. Damn! I wish that the game was broadcast in my market today!

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't want to call anybody to jinx the no-hitter. I kept shouting at the TV every inning as Len Casper kept bringing it up.
But it happened. I looked out the window later and I'm pretty sure that it was a full moon.

Unknown said...

You should've been there, it was amazing. Everyone was whispering no-hitter the whole time. We mentioned it in the second inning, so I call bull on that notion.

Anonymous said...

it's totally different if you were actually there.....duh

Jem said...

The games was awesome!

We love to check you # every day.

It's too bad, but your quick comment box is not family friendly. My kids were having a blast after the game looking at the comments, but we had to quit because of some crude comments.

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1972, so of course I was to young to understand. But I have been a Cubs fan for 20 years and I was elited at what I saw last night. I think it is so funny that if happened in the ball park that it did.
SO here to watching the Cubs go all the way

Anonymous said...

Last minute decision to go up for my birthday. I was having so much fun that I didn't even realize what was going on until the 6th inning.
(My husband kept asking me why all the pitchers were hanging out at the top of the dugout......then I actually looked at the scoreboard and couldn't believe what I was seeing) What else was weird was rather than Pat and Ron calling the game on the radio, they had the Astros announcers in the park)......the whole night equaled Magic!!!
My kids were there and I told them to never forget this! They witnessed history. Odd, though, the first 4 or 5 innings it was really quiet......then electric - loudest game I've ever been to! GO CUBBIES

Mister Pickles said...


I hear you on the crude comments on the chat last night. I'm working to block any distateful and vulgar comments as I see them. It's a shame that people feel it's funny to spew garbage onto this positive site.

Anyways, I'm hoping it will be better.



Lindberg said...

Amazing! I was going bonkers and my friend called me from the park to let me listen to the screaming. I'm jealous of you folks that were there.

Anonymous said...

To all my friends that didn't want to go with me last night...I feel sorry for you. And to those that did come, a night to remember forever.

Anonymous said...

Lilly got one through FIVE and when was the last time there was BACK TO BACK NO HITTERS by the same team???????

Anonymous said...

Magic number is down to 6! Lilly goes 7 strong. Plenty of homers.

The number to eliminate Milwaukee is 6, Houston 4, and St. Louis 3.