Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Cubs Win!!!  Cubs Win!!!  Cubs Win!!!  FINALY!!!!!!!

I think we can all breathe a short sigh of relief.  I hope that this means that the Cubs have shrugged off their losing ways and can now look forward to winning this series with the Cards.  I am not excited about the Cubs bullpen making these games way too close for comfort, but as long as we win, then I guess I can take the mild chest pains.


Melissa from Charlotte, NC asks the ultimate question that everyone's dying to have answered while at a Braves/Cubs game in Atlanta

Melissa sent this photo to Send your Cubbie photo and we may post it.


Lindberg said...

Hooray! Kerry Wood needs to get out there on a more consistent basis, it's fine. It's all fine. (I hope)

Anonymous said...

Now... we can finally take a breath!! HARDEN tonight and I like our odds. Plus, the CREW of BREW have to play a tough, hungry PHITIN' PHILS team that knows with a four game sweep they'll be the WILD CARD leaders. So.. with all that said, let's hope that MAGIC NUMBER is down to 11 after tonight!! GO CUBS GO!!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the number be 12 since for the cubs to win 12 the brewers have to lose once?