Friday, August 28, 2009


Alright, I'll update the number. I'm close to checking out, but hey, the Cubs are not mathematically eliminated yet. They're still a 5 more weeks of baseball to play. Anything can happen, right?

Slim chance is the name of the game. Not as slim as winning tonight's $350M Mega Millions, but close. We'd need to see the Cards have a serious skid and the Cubs be close to perfect. I'd draw up some scenarios, but not doing so makes it seem more possible.

I don't think the Cubs have a shot in the Wild Card. Too many teams (4) means one of them will easily be hot enough to stay above the Cubs. So, the focus is on the Central.

Go Cubs! Win out! Either way, dump Bradley. He's such a distraction with his whining and all.


Anonymous said...

Get ready for next year is all over. The real magic number is 26!

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Anonymous said...

19 Anon!