Friday, September 25, 2009


The Cubs are almost finished with any chance of a playoff spot. The Cardinals magic number (read Cubs Elimination Number) is 1. The only chance would be the Cubs winning out and Cardinals losing out. Could it happen? Yes. Odds 0.0002% according to Baseball Prospectus. So, that's 1 in 500,000 chance. Better than the lottery I guess, but not by much.

Wild Card is a minuscule bit brighter. Cubs have a 0.09677% chance, or about 1 in 1000. Their elimination # is 4 (magic number 17). The Rockies and Cards play this weekend, which makes one of these scenarios almost surely impossible.

So, mathematically the Cubs have a chance. But being a betting man, which I am, I wouldn't even bet on it if I got the odds placed above.

Lots is going to happen this off season, I feel. Milton will never return to Wrigley (at least in a Cubs uniform). Perhaps Hendry makes some serious moves with our older players and we get some young talent in here. I'm a little burned out on the Cubs now. I need to reflect a bit over the next month or so.

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