Thursday, April 8, 2010



We're off to the races. Shut out! Cubs to avoid the sweep! Great outing by Wells tonight and Byrd has his 2nd homer for the series. Marmol with the (nerve racking) save! Cubs have a win under their belt.

I will admit after last night's fall behind and lose by one, I was getting ready to become a pessimist. No way does this team have the pitching or fielding or whatever you can think of... I listened to David Kaplan on WGN720 after Wednesday's game and he reminded me and the several irrational callers: "It's only been two games. The panic button is not necessary yet (wait for 10 Ls in a row)".

In 2008, the Cubs dropped their first two games at home against the Brewers. The Cubs weren't off to a great start. But they ended up winning 97 games.

Anyways, it is early. This team has potential. They are in a tough division, but hey. That's what this is all about. Nothing will come easy.

Baseball in April is always fun. Go Cubs!

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