Sunday, June 13, 2010


Cubs Win With Outstanding Pitching

For the record, the inter-league games are not our favorite games here at Cubs Magic Number, but the great pitching performance by Ted Lilly is one reason why the crosstown rivalry will never die. Lilly's near no-hitter could not have come at a better time for the southpaw, especially since he has been on the losing end of his last games (to be fair, most of those games were lost by the poor offensive production). Once again, the offense for the Cubs has decided to take a break, and therefore the pitchers are being asked to steer the team in the winning direction. Now, I know it is the year of the pitcher, but come on Cubs... we, the fans need to see some effort put forth for hitting and scoring.

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gocubs235 said...

I was there and it was one of the more special games ive been to in my lifetime. With the hawks and the atmosphere of the stadium. I was at Buehrle's perfect game and at Kerry Wood's 20 k game, but that was probably the third greatest pitching performance I have ever seen. Certainly the greatest non-complete game i have ever witnessed.