Friday, December 3, 2010


Ron, we'll miss you here at CMN.

We'll miss you for your play all those years as the BEST third baseman in the NL and the Hall of Famer that you were in our eyes.

We'll miss you as the Cubs every day radio announcer.

We'll miss your endless charity work with JDRF

We'll miss you wearing your heart on your sleeve while calling games.

We'll miss your raw emotion.

We'll miss your chemistry with Pat in the booth.

We'll miss you being the fan in the booth calling the game just as all of us at CMN would if we were in the booth ourselves.

You gave us a reason to tune in even when the Cubs were terrible, year after year.

You gave us a reason to care about the attendance game and root for you vs. Pat.

We'll remember all the years you gave to the Cubs organization as a player and announcer. All years you gave to the fans. All years you gave to the the players.

Most of all Ron, we'll remember and miss you as the friend you came to be to all Cubs fans over the years.

RIP Ronnie.

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RFBleachers said...


This month's Vine Line is a great read--all about Ronnie from cover to cover.