Friday, September 25, 2015


Cubs clinch a Wild Card spot with a Giants loss late at Oakland after a tough loss earlier today vs. the Pirates.

Some words from our CMN posters:

RFBleachers says:

I've been a Cubs fan for as long as I can remember.  Although I can remember watching the '72 World Series, the first Cubs season I can really remember is '73, when I was 7.  That means this is the 43rd season I've been avidly following the Cubs.

In those past 43 seasons, they've finished over .500 only 12 times -- and 7 of those happened after 2000.  (Those '73-'83 seasons were pretty bleak, even if they did manage to finish exactly .500 in '77.)  That makes seasons like this one even sweeter, and the future on the North Side looks bright.  Go Cubs!

89Cubs says:

Absolutely fantastic to see the Cubs back in the playoffs after a LONG 7 year wait. Hopefully this time they'll win at least one game as I'm still waiting to get REALLY involved after that happens per my post in 2008 after their playoff sweep.  I'm also still hoping for a road game vs. Pittsburgh in the Wild Card if we're not going to win the division out right.

This team is fun and exciting and they have a very bright future.  If that future trickles into the present this year, all the better.

Mr Pickles says:

I'm just glad I got to a game this week with 89Cubs. It's been a while since the magic number has been relevant for our Cubs. I'm excited about not just this year, but the next few. One of them, we'll really see great things. Here's my personal account to the clincher in 2008.

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