Friday, June 3, 2016


I was at the game today and let me say, there could not be a better day for baseball than today. It was the mid 70s with a slight breeze. Only a few whisks of clouds in the sky.  Row five in section 429 made it fantastic.

The game was quiet until the 8th. I like to say you always see something new everytime you go to a baseball game and today was by far not an exception.  We watched Baez what should have been a single to the track with two man on. The outfielder juggled the ball, giving the base runners an easy run to home. Baez ran to second. The DBacks tried to throw to third but the ball was so off. It went into the seats above the Cubs dugout.

Baez stood there facing left field, slightly off 2nd base in the direction of 3rd. His back was to the overthrow. It looked like he thought the play was over and began to remove his ankle guard.  The umpires were waving him home and the crowd was screaming. He finally looked up, realized he was awarded home because of the bad throw and because he was inbetween base.

The rest of the inning there were more errors and runs. I kept saying to my friends: "it's still the bottom of the 8th, I can get another beer." That lasted 25 minutes until I finally pulled the trigger.

Then I took the Addison 152 west on a Friday after a Cubs game. Don't do that. 60 minutes to go 4 miles to catch a train. At least Greyland Pub was there to calm me before the train arrived.

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