Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Big night for the number! The Cubs swept the Pirates and the Brewers learned how to win a game against the Cards.

The Cubs finish August 22-6. That is tied with 1932 for the best August ever for the Cubs.

Bring on the Giants!

NL Central Standings
Team        W   L    PCT    GB
Cubs       85  47   .644    --
Cards      70  62   .530  15.0
Pirates    67  64   .511  17.5

Photo Credit: Mike from the chatroom.

Just for kicks...

Playoff Berth Magic Number


Home Field Advantage Magic Number



Anonymous said...

You guys are great! Go Cubs Go! also jeffery dahmer was innocent just saying OJ is the real killer

Anonymous said...

Cubs finnah long dick the Giants

Unknown said...

Just got to work and this comment made my night...LMFAO