Sunday, August 28, 2016


The Cubs lose a rough one to the Dodgers 1-0, but the Cardinals fell to the As 7-4.

The Nats also lost, bringing the home field advantage number to 26!

Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs 

NL Central Standings
Team        W   L    PCT    GB
Cubs       82  46   .641    --
Cards      68  61   .527  14.5
Pirates    67  61   .523  15.0

We are driving towards the division championship (which is what the magic number shows), but for those who like numbers:

Playoff Berth Magic Number


Home Field Advantage Magic Number



Unknown said...

Umps sucked today, bats cold, get home, smack up some pirates

Unknown said...

Questions is this the first series loss in august l?

Unknown said...

No.lost to Colorado

Unknown said...

No. Lost to Colorado last weekend.

Mac said...

5 and 4 road trip. Not bad.

Unknown said...

What's with all the errors lately? A team playing as well as we have offensively needs to make sure that clears up. I'd hate to see a playoff loss because of it.

Darren Young said...