Monday, September 19, 2016


The magic number for the 2016 NL Central Division Champion Chicago Cubs to earn home field advantage throughout the NL playoffs dropped by two on Monday as they came back to beat the Reds 5-2 after Washington lost to the Marlins.

Hammel tossed a quality start (7 IP, 6 K, 2 ER) and Addy, Willson, and J-Hey each homered.

Game two of the three-game series against the Reds starts at 7:05 p.m. Central Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

We're looking forward to covering the Cubs' playoff run and we're continuing to update the Cubs Magic Numbers!

Here's the schedule for the NLDS (all game times TBA):
  • Game 1: Friday, October 7
  • Game 2: Saturday, October 8
  • Game 3: Monday, October 10
  • Game 4: Tuesday, October 11 (if necessary)
  • Game 5: Thursday, October 13 (if necessary)

Games Left


Home Field Advantage Throughout NL Playoffs Magic Number


NLDS Wins Needed to Advance to the NLCS 



Unknown said...

Home field Magic Number was 6 on Sunday so should it be 4 now with Cubs win and Nats loss on Monday? Website now reads 5.

Anonymous said...

5 means we would be guaranteed finishing 4 would mean could still tie us for the best record in the national league either way we will get it there's 12 games left and we're 7 games ahead of Washington

B said...

I think they dropped it 2 games yesterday by accident; instead of 1.

Either way, big day today! Go Cubs!

Unknown said...

Cubs won the season series 28th WAS so if they the Cubs get homefield

Unknown said...

Thanks, you are correct. I knew the other commenters didn't understand the concept of Magic Number.

Anonymous said...

It is 5. Every media outlet including the Cubs broadcast noted it.

Mac said...

It's five. We already factor the tie breaker into the math.