Friday, September 16, 2016



The Chicago Cubs are the
2016 NL Central Division champions!

The 2016 NL Central Division Champion Chicago Cubs beat the Brewers in 10 innings on Friday at Wrigley Field! Miggy's walk-off solo shot got the celebration party started.

Game three of the four-game series starts at 3:05 p.m. Central Time Saturday.

It's been incredible to follow this season from the start -- thanks to those of you who've been here for the entire ride and to those of you who found us when the Cubs started off on a tear or as they piled up wins this summer. We're looking forward to covering the Cubs' playoff run and updating the Cubs Magic Number!

Here's the schedule for the NLDS (all game times TBA):
  • Game 1: Friday, October 7
  • Game 2: Saturday, October 8
  • Game 3: Monday, October 10
  • Game 4: Tuesday, October 11 (if necessary)
  • Game 5: Thursday, October 13 (if necessary)

Games Left


Home Field Advantage Magic Number


NLDS Wins Needed to Advance to the NLCS 



Unknown said...

Ok...playtime is over...time to get serious!!

Unknown said...

In 1945, the way to win the Pennant was to have the best record in the League. The home field magic number is the same thing. Not since 1945...

Chicagoan TX Veteran said...

For home field advantages, if there is a tie between two teams, MLB rules states in case of a tie, the team with the better win loss record head to head takes the tie breaker. Cubs win the tie breaker vs the Nationals with a 5 win record vs the 2 wins of the Nationals in head to head competition.