Friday, September 9, 2016


Lucky number 7!

The Cubs took the first game against the Houston Astros 2-0. Jon Lester pitched seven shutout innings with seven Ks. Rondon was on fire with three quick outs in the 8th, and Chapman capped it off with a quick three out ninth.

The Northsiders are now the first team to reach 90 wins, and they are an amazing 40 games above .500 in September!

The Cubs have two more games in Houston before a possible clinching series in St. Louis next week. Let's Go!

*Update from September 10*

Tonight was not a very good night for the number, but the Mets did lose to the Braves, so the playoff berth (wild card)  number drops to 6.

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PolitiJim said...

I think you are one have off on the home field. With Washington's record I have us at 15. Correct?

Unknown said...

We own the tie breaker against the Nats, so you subtract one from that number you got.

PolitiJim said...

Ahhh. PERFECT. Thanks very much

Mac said...

That correct. You start at 162 instead of 163.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until the playoffs��

Hanky said...

God bless all the souls lost 15 years ago. Stand up at the National Anthem today at ALL the Ballgames today and tomorrow and every Game. Boo those who don't.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Stand or go sit at home!