Thursday, October 20, 2016


Wins Needed for the Championship
Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs 

Cubs 8 - Dodgers 4

Hey, hey! For the first time in 13 years, the Cubs are just one game away from being the National League Champions. The Cubbies took the lead in the first when Rizzo doubled to bring Fowler home. The Dodgers tied it up in the fourth. After that, it was all Cubbies.

Lester kept the Cubs in the game with seven innings, six strike outs, and one earned run.

The hero of the night was Addison Russell (again) with a two run homer in the sixth that brought home the winning run. The Cubs would add another five insurance runs to cap off the night in LA.

The NLCS will end where it should... at Wrigley Field!

The 2016 Chicago Cubs are 5 wins away from making history, and we will be counting down with them. Join us each game as we live and die with every pitch. 

NLCS Schedule
  • Game 6: Saturday, October 22
    • at Wrigley Field7:00 p.m. CT
  • Game 7: Sunday, October 23
    • at Wrigley Field (if necessary), 7:00 p.m. CT

NLCS Wins Needed to Advance to WS



Chicagoan TX Veteran said...
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Chicagoan TX Veteran said...

Chicago fans, here me out, I've been a Cubs fan since 1965, and let me share with you something my wife helped me understand this year, and it's worked throughout the season, and that is the laws of attraction. I stated this year to my coworkers, friends, family, and Cubs fans in public before spring training that the Cubs will win their division, win the NLDS, win the NLCS, and go to the world series. My friends at first laughed. I responded watch and see. So far, the Cubs won their division, won the NLDS, are on the verge and will win the NLCS, and are going to the World Series to win it. Next year is now, and we all have to share in this belief that the Cubs are going to win today (as stated in the song we sing each time the Cubs win at Wrigley Field). We have to stay positive, as even the Mad Scientist Joe Maddon stated to the team, and bring forth the positive affirmations in our beliefs for our Chicago Cubs. So when it seems bleak (if we witness it today), don't despair, and believe this is a new and different Cubs team that have proven Mad Dawg Chris Russo wrong so many times (he finally admitted he is anti-Cub) and know our Cubs are going to dig deep, and come back from behind, even in the ninth as they did 8 times in the regular season, down three runs against the Giants in game 4 and get four runs in the ninth, and again hitting a grand slam and a solo home run in the 8th to win game 1 when it was tied 3-3. So do not despair, keep the faith in our Chicago Cubs, and know the Cubs are going to win today. Go Cubs Go.

RFBleachers said...

CTXV - Amen, brother!

Former Cub Ryan Dempster agrees with you: