Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Holy cow! The Cubs drubbed the Mets 17-5 at Wrigley on Wednesday night behind a quality start from Jon Lester, a 6 RBI night from Albert Almora, and a 3 RBI night from Willson Contreras.

The offense came alive, as Ben Zobrist reached base in 5 of 6 plate appearances and scored 3 runs, KB reached in 4 of 6 PAs and also scored 3 runs, and Javy Baez went 4-for-5 with a HR and 2 RBI. Almora's three-run homer and three-run triple were his only at-bats, as he entered the game late.  Similarly, Rene Rivera had two hits and two RBI in his only two at bats. That's Cub.

The series wraps up Thursday, and the Cards head to Chicago on Friday to start a three-game set.

Go Cubs go!

The Cubs Magic Number to win the NL Central equals:

163 - (Cubs wins + losses of NL Central rival with fewest losses).

As of now, that's 163 - (79 + 69), or 163 - 148. 163 - 148 = 15.

Thus, the Cubs Magic Number is 15. Follow CMN on Twitter!


J said...

When do you see them clinching?

Anonymous said...

Probably in 7-10 games.

RFBleachers said...

The sooner, the better! Go Cubs go!