Friday, September 22, 2017


Another night, another ten inning game, another Cubs win!

The Cubs had to battle back in this one from being down 3-0. First Jay brought in Heyward with a double, and then Zorbrist's knock brought in Bryant and Jay. The Brewers would knot it up 4-4 to send us to extras where a walke to La Stella with bases loaded proved to be the winning score. Cubs finish it 5-4!

The Cardinals won tonight as well. This put them in second with one loss less than the Brewers. Therefore, their losses (72) count towards the magic number.

The Cubs will see the Brewers two more times before meeting the Cards and Reds to end the regular season. Buckle up!

The Cubs have 9 regular season games left. The Cubs Magic Number to win the NL Central equals:

163 - (Cubs wins + losses of NL Central rival with fewest losses).

As of now, that's 163 - (86 + 72), or 163 - 158. 163 - 158 = 5.

Thus, the Cubs Magic Number is 5. Follow CMN on Twitter!


Leno said...

I thought that if the Cubs win and Brewers lose, it decreases by 2?

Leno said...

Me bad, didn't realize Cards overtook Brewers for second.

Anonymous said...

yes you r right, schedule should be based on 162 game schedule, 1 game for every cubs win and 1 game for every 2nd place team loss
math. 162-(86+72) 162-158=4
as of today Saturday 23 Sep 17

Unknown said...

Using a starting number of 162 only clinches a tie, not an outright division win.

RFBleachers said...

Unknown is right, Anonymous. (First time I've ever said that...)

Starting point is 163, not 162.