Friday, October 6, 2017


Cubs 3 - Nationals 0

Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs

Who are the underdogs now? Kyle Hendricks pitched one of the best games of his career only allowing two hits and three walks. Both of those hits came in the first two innings. Edwards Jr and Davis helpped to hold the Nats in the 8th and 9th to cap off this shutout.

Hendricks and the pen were backed up by some clutch hitting from Rizzo (2 RBIs), Bryant (1 RBI), and Jay. 

The Cubs now lead the Nats 1-0 in this best of 5 National League Division Series and are just 10 wins away from the prize!

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Unknown said...

Tonights game falls on maddon, anyone that gets on base with any of their power guys ( harper,rendon, Zimmerman, Murphy) you put davis in. A five out save with a day off l, would gave been fine. To me this was a must win, with max pitching the next game, not sure how healthy jake is, and Strasburg how well he looked.