Sunday, April 14, 2019


Sunday's Cubs-Angels finale got postponed due to snow and rain, but the CMN dropped due to MIL's loss, with the makeup date to be determined.

The only four mutual off days for the Cubs and Angels are April 29, June 3, August 26, and September 23. Here are travel impacts for both teams, by date:
  • April 29:  Angels en route from KC to LA; Cubs en route from PHX to SEA
  • June 3:  Angels en route from SEA to LA; Cubs en route from STL to Wrigley
  • August 26:  Angels en route from HOU to LA; Cubs en route from Wrigley to NY
  • September 23:  Angels en route from HOU to LA; Cubs en route from Wrigley to PIT
None of these makeup dates are ideal, but it could be argued that April 29 is the most "fair" date, as both teams would have to travel to and from Chicago for the game. It'll be interesting to see if MLB takes that approach, or if they decide to minimize overall travel and cost by selecting another date.

Since the Cubs have just two off days in September compared to the Angels' four, I'd bet that they would prefer making the game up earlier in an attempt to avoid another late-season stretch without an off day.

The North Siders head to Miami to kick off a three-game road trip on Monday.

Go Cubs go!

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