Sunday, September 17, 2023


Well, that was a rough road trip.

The Cubs head home to kick off a six-game homestand, their last of the regular season, on Tuesday.

150 games down, 12 to go.

Go Cubs go!


Anonymous said...

What happened to 21? Also, the Brewers losing has no baring on our Magic Number. They are ahead of us.

RFBleachers said...

21 happened on Wednesday, when the Brewers lost. I missed that update here but posted it on Twitter.

The Cubs Magic Number is affected by two things: Cubs wins and Brewers (since they're in first) losses.

CMN formula is 163 minus the sum of Cubs wins and the best NL Central opponents' losses.

As of now, that's 163 - (78 + 65), or 163 - 143, or 20.

Go Cubs!