Thursday, July 28, 2016


Welcome to Chicago, Aroldis Chapman!

It took a trip to the Northside to finally take down the White Sox, but boy did the guys in blue do it in style! The Cubs took the first of two home games with a score of 8 to 1.

Hammel held the Sox to five hits with only one run and struck out seven. The bullpen did the rest with Rondon pitching a solid 8th and Chapman pitching lights out baseball in the 9th.

On the other side of the plate, the Cubs bats came alive. Baez, Russel, and Bryant all hit home runs. Bryant's tied his rookie year home run total of 26. (Something tells us he will have a new high this season). In total, six batters had hits and four of them had RBIs. Russel took the RBI crown with a GRAND SLAM in the eighth to finish off the Southsiders.

The Cubs will have one more game with the Sox before welcoming Seattle to town for a weekend series.

For those keeping score:
This was the 100th game of the season
The Cubs have won 60 of those games
The Cubs are the first team to reach 60 wins
And Yes... The Cubs are the BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL with a .600 average!

Photo Credit: Chicago Cubs

NL Central Standings
Team        W   L    PCT    GB
Cubs       60  40   .600    --
Cards      54  47   .535   6.5
Pirates    52  48   .520   8.0

How The Number Works

The Chicago Cubs Magic Number is derived by the following equation: Total Number of Games + 1 - Wins by the Cubs - Losses by Best Opponent.

The Magic Number is affected by one of two events, a Cubs win or the best opponent losing. The number is 163 at the beginning of the season. When the number hits 0, the Cubs have clinched the NL Central and are in the PLAYOFFS!

This site represents the Magic Number for clinching the National League Central Division . If the Wild Card becomes relevant for getting into the post season, this site may contain both. In that case, the Wild Card number will clearly be denote.

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This is the year

This is the year
I will watch from just over the rail.