Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Folks, we know here at CMN that we haven't kept up with the Cubs Magic # countdown much in 2013 (ok, only once), but we can honestly say that we're excited for the Cubs in a few years and all the youth that are cutting their teeth in "The Show" last year and this year.  We think the next few years will be an exciting time to be a Cubs fan!  In the mean time in 2013?....not so much.


Mister Pickles said...

lazy blogger is lazy. The current number is 149. There's still plenty of time.

RFBleachers said...

With this starting pitching, the Cubs could actually be decent this year. They'll be in ball games all year, and if they can get their BA with RISP up and the bullpen to stop imploding...

Johnnyg said...

There is still plenty of time.... To find a fantasy football league.

Anonymous said...
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RFBleachers said...

Looks like I called it on May 12.

Starting pitching: check.

Abysmal BA with RISP: check.

Bullpen imploding: check.

Bring on 2014 and some offense...

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